The Dutch Connection continues.  Six years ago Hershey’s nephew Iwa came to Canada to sail with his wife and 3 children.  They went crabbing with us and were so excited to see what we would catch.  The two young boys made great efforts to get into the dingy and go back and forth to set the crab trap and check on the catch.  Nothing was caught the evening we set the trap but the next day there were a few.  The funny part was that as soon as the haul produced a few crab the boys were terrified and did a crab crawl themselves as far away as they could get in the dingy.  They weren’t having any part of tasting them either but loved to play with the claws, running around pretending to pinch each other.

The girls this trip were great sports about crabbing, and wanted to check it all out.  They took part in everything from dropping the trap, to the kill and clean and all the eating they could get.  We got lucky and caught 7 crab so it made a good feast.

Crabbing is an experience, taking lots of time to set the trap with the bait and going to check it a few times.  We had rendezvoused with Sundown and they also wanted to learn the tricks.  It’s a big treat for Sideways Sally to have so much interest onboard, since the skipper won’t even watch me “murder” crab

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Hi Ruth and Harold.
Looks like it was a fabulous holiday for everyone.
We are back in Maple Bay since a week and looks forward to getting together with you when you return from the prairies Ruth.
I am getting on the Mill Bay ferry to go to Sibylla’s to help pack for their move into the house they have purchased just 5 houses down from where they are renting in Deep Cove

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