The Dutch Ladies have joined OMOO!!

The second half of our wonderful summer has begun.  The Skipper’s Aunt Selma arrived from Holland via Vancouver and enjoyed some site seeing with Ruth, a bicycle ride around Stanley Park, and a flight into Maple Bay on the floatplane.

Cousin Cynthia arrived a few days later with her three daughters Silka, Iris and Rosa.  We were in for a treat spending special times with these ladies.  Hershey and Selma go back 40 years or more.  The youngsters among us couldn’t figure out why the two of them had so much to talk about!!  The family stories came out about H’s father meeting his mother in Holland during the WWII and all the subsequent visits back to Holland by boat in the early days, then by plane.  Almost yearly there was a reunion and the Dutch family took the Skipper on sailing excursions from Europe, across the Atlantic, up to Greenland, Iceland and down the East Coast.

Being on the water together again, now with the next generation, is a thrill for the Skipper and such a good time for all.

Once everyone was settled in the rental float home at Maple Bay and caught up on a bit of jetlag, we were off the dock for a sail through Samsun Narrows to Russell Island.  We had great wind, the kind we love the most, steady 12knots on the nose.  OMOO luvs to perform close hauled to 30 degrees and zips along 5-6knots.  It was thrilling and relaxing all at the same time, as long as we kept hauling out food and warm clothes.

Next up, meeting Sundown at Russell Island to spread the bodies to sleep, and crabbing!!

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