SO SO MUCH SUN SINCE JULY and OMOO has been giving us great rides with plenty of wind on the seas.  First trip up Malaspina Inlet did not disappoint, blowing us right into LUND, one of our fav’s.

Then Desolation Sound and Heriot Bay to pick up our faithful crew Ken and Tanis for a great wkd of exploring Gorge Harbor and Cortez Bay.  What a daysail, it was PERFECT.  We did have a bit of excitement on the open seas as we made a passage past the marker buoy off Cortez Spit with another sailboat overtaking.  The crew was all on the bow along with their dog when we came within a boat’s length off our stern, and sent them all scrambling to the cockpit.  It was a little shocking to say the least, Sideways got on the radio to give them a blast, when the coast guard gave Sideways a blast for calling that “Blue Hulled Sailboat overtaking OMOO”  too many times.  Couldn’t believe they weren’t steering their vessel or monitoring the radio when trying to run us over!!  and DAMMIT, I didn’t have the goPro recording any of it!!

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