The second week in Vancouver is over and we got to entertain some sweet friends onboard with laughs and giggles over lunch in the cockpit and an intro to the Skipper.  We started to get to know some of the neighbors on D-Dock at Fisherman’s Wharf as well as meeting and greeting the transient boaters.  Vancouver has alot to offer in this regard with boats from around the globe and a huge variety of makes and models…  then there are the boats!!   We’re enjoying every minute of it.

So excited to share with you the sweet trip we had up Howe Sound to Squamish this week.  Wind and rain got us up early  after our first night at anchor off Bowen Island, as the forecast was for 20knots at the head of the shallow inlet, which makes for VERY EXCITING DOCKING!!

We got in just ahead of the big blow and were very glad we did.  It was a shame we had to hunker down at the brew pub.  NEW FAVORITE PLACE!!

The government dock had just enough room left for OMOO and we were delighted to navigate through a very busy logging operation to reach our destination.  THAT WAS A FIRST!!  The beauty of  “the Chief” which is the cliff which provides a stunning backdrop for this whole setting is a real eye catcher.


Friendly people, great beer, funky shops and CHOCOLATE to die for made the visit worth the trip.  Next day, calm sunshine escorted us back out of the inlet to Keats Island and a very pleasant overnight in PLUMPER COVE MARINE PARK before heading back to Vancouver.

Only one thing left to say about Squamish…. WE’LL BE BACK!!

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Sounds like you are having too much fun!! 🙂 Thanks for keeping us updated . Give us a call on your return to MB.

Mike and Jo

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