May Long and the Sun was Strong!!

Hello Summer!!

You’ve been a long time coming but THANK YOU for a weekend of sunshine and warm temps.  The G-Dock 1st Annual Rendezvous happened in Montague Harbor on Galiano Island with 5 boats from Maple Bay arriving between Thursday and Sunday.

Terry and Eileen kindly hosted our evening happy hours (emphasis on hours) on Marie Diem, their new to them motor yacht and home.  What a treat to spread out and soak up the sunshine, food and laughs with good friends and live aboard neighbors.

Fresh fish nuggets were enjoyed by all thanks to Bob and Lisa and their amazing fishing skills, while Terry had us in giggles with stories of his parents’ taste in music and scandalous stories from the 60’s.  YES, I promised to edit…. boring.

Eva, our resident teenager survived the wkd thanks to modern technology but hung out with the geezers for the most part.  We all told her what we were doing at 18 which was an interesting cross section of stories from “being in front of a judge and choosing jail or the navy,” to catching chickens as a night job to make money for world travelling….  and there were the sensible stories like starting university, blah blah blah.

The best part was just spending time in the sun with other boaters relaxing and visiting back and forth between boats.  What a great way to spend a weekend and the start of many more G-Dock Rendezvous to come.  We missed all of you that couldn’t make it out this year but we’ll see you on the G-Spot Dock, Goat Trail, G-Dock SOON!!



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Thanks Ruth.
It was a wonderful weekend. We also enjoyed this time very much. We were toying with the idea of going further than Bourgogne Bay but we have a fish farm we are dragging around right now which was too much work for our engine. We are hauling out next week to take care of it. Hopefully we can rendezvous with you sometime during boating season.

We’ll be there ( on time) for the next one I hope!! Sounded and looked like a good time was had by all! First day out for the season is always a tough one for us with all the stuff to re-stuff the boat with/lists of bits/ things to put back together /yada yada. Since retiring I have thrown schedules out the window as my whole working career was deadlines….BUT they still have a place…we arrived on the north side of Montague after everyone left on Monday! ( close but no cigar!!) Oh well….we can only improve our timing!

Looks like fun was had by all. Miss the Rathlyn at times like this. Keep them coming. Montague w3as one of our favorites. Is the bus still to the pub still running? We were down to the boat show, looked for you, but now we know where you were. When do you leave for ??? How’s both your health, from this looks good, could it be the wine?
best wishes to all,
Mike & Jo

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