OFF TO SOINTULA, Home of Sideways Sally

The morning sun lifts the fog from Echo Bay and OMOO and crew are loving life.


Pondering about wandering??  If you’ve got a yen to head beyond Desolation Sound this summer it’s not too far to the Broughtons and the treasures of the seaside towns like SOINTULA.,+BC/@50.5378188,-126.7740678,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x54637a5b7aae4119:0x938f318fb723788!8m2!3d50.630864

On return from exploring this little town the 1st mate brought the character of Sideways Sally to life, inspired by the local yocals and the fun Finnish way of life.  She decided to “SSSSSSizzle till you Fizzzzzle” and stayed onboard till this day!!  You’ll be hearing lots more from her, cause she’s stickin’ around, even tho the Skipper has asked a time or two if she’s ever leaving.

Sideways Sally says, “she’s not fond of the SS,shore shit.”

Just a gentle jaunt up the Johnstone Straight or wind your way north through the back roads to Thompson Sound to Echo Bay.  Going or coming a stop to visit Billy Proctor is a must VERY SOON.  We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Billy a few times now and no time is like the last.  He’s a West Coast Icon and a pleasure to visit.  His museum of artifacts and collection is like no other you will ever encounter again.

Hanging out on the docks at Echo Bay is a treat in itself.  Pierre and the crew are most welcoming and harbor many boaters that travel the Pacific Northwest  to Alaska.  There are dock parties and socializing going on regularly along with Pig Roasts every Saturday and scheduled events starting in June.  We have always visited in May when there’s no crowds and get Pierre all to ourselves!!  It is truly worth the trip.

So, take some time to read about the Broughtons, get your hands on some guidebooks of the area and start dreaming about the your trip.   Port McNeill is close by and an excellent stop for provisions and fuel.  Port Hardy is also easily accessible and offers air transportation if you have crew that want to join you for part of your journey.

Once there, you will be drawn to Alert Bay on Cormorant Island for it’s beautiful Cultural Center and amazing, welcoming First Nations Community.  Don’t miss Telegraph Cove and the Whale Museum.  Check for room on the docks as it’s shallow and tight to get in and out.


The Skipper and Sideways would be thrilled to chat with you more if you’re interested in going north and share our trips to the area.  You will never be disappointed you chose to visit the Broughton Archipelgo.  HAPPY PLANNING!!

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