Happy Spring!!

NONSENSE!!  Mother Nature is relentless in her teasing this year.  BUT…. G-Dockers did get out for  ONE happy hour in the sunshine.  It was brief but sweet following a day where it warmed up enough to bring everyone out with their cleaning brushes and rags to beat the winter off of boats and back into the ocean.

The collection of characters that float in and out of this marina and the stories that follow could entertain Sideways Sally for the rest of her life.  Just last Saturday she witnessed something unheard of and never seen before.

One of our more colorful characters had a step ladder tied upside down with a pillow attached on the inside for a seat, and hoisted himself up his mast with his very long control cord on his electric winch.  This gentleman is a bit odd but  friendly enough and appears to be adequate about sailing and maintaining his boat.  He’s just a little unconventional in his methods.

Sideways surreptitiously snuck a photo of the whole setup in action, although seriously tempted to film it all up close she resisited, not wanting to embarrass the poor chap.  As things got in gear the expletives that the entire dock was exposed to were numerous, loud and repeated over and over.  It appears this guy has a crew of his own working along with him, as he was yelling loudly,  “Come on guys, get this f***ing thing working.”  He got stuck half way up the mast at which things got even more exciting and louder.  “F***in crap won’t work when I want it to, come on get it going guys.”

People who would normally go over in an instant and lend a hand to any fellow boater in this predicament started moving quickly the other say, muttering “that’s a disaster waiting to happen.” Sideways said to the Skipper in shock, “come outside and see this.” asking if we should go help.  His reply was, “we wouldn’t know if he’s talking to us or his crew, so I’m going to go in the shower now so I can’t watch.”  Sally decided to move on with her activities off the dock and headed quickly up the gangplank.

So goes spring time on the dock, you just never know what people will do after being stuck below during a cold and rainy winter that has dragged on too long.

Since we’re not getting anything like the spring we’re used to here on the Pacific Northwest, here’s something to cheer us all up, a great memory of paradise in the sun from a few years ago.  ENJOY!!

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