COMMITTMENT with the Skipper and other West Coast Creatures.

The Skipper is UPHAM  at ’em early this afternoon…  hehehehe.  If you know what I mean, if you don’t then you’ll find out if you knock on Omoo before 12 noon cause he’ll be in breakfast mode and possibly NAKED!!  It’s often heard on G Dock, “knock knock… are you  decent?”

Every day is a new adventure and today Hershey is requesting Sideways Sally blog about his all-time favorite picture.  We were leaving Prince Rupert at daybreak , the morning after sitting out a storm of North Westerlies and dodging the weather  for the previous week in Grenville Channel, hiding out in the many inlets mentioned in the previous blog.

The storm had blown down a tree with an eagles’ nest and the adult eagles stayed with it, floating in the current and anxiously protecting their young.  As we approached from a distance we could not make out what we were seeing, imagining an overturned boat, a mound of debris or whatever it was, obviously a hazard.  As we drew closer, Sideways straining through the binoculars, could finally decipher the image and realized what we were looking at.  Getting as close as we dare without scaring off the guardians, we admired their dedication and named the photo “COMMITTMENT.”

Along with the adventures of sailing in new waters, the majestic mountain scenery of the North West Coast and Vancouver Island, one of the most addictive aspects about our trips is the encounters with wildlife.  These make an everlasting impression upon the soul and are like nothing else we have ever experienced.

These pictures say a thousand words so sit back, relax and take a spectacular journey with OMOO over the last couple of years.  Enjoy the company of orcas, dolphins, sea lions, birds and eagles along our journeys  in the amazing anchorages along the Inside Passage, West Vancouver Island and back at home in the Gulf Islands

These beautiful creatures are reason to dream of your own passage beyond Cape Caution or Cape Scott.  Sit back, relax and absorb the grandeur that awaits you on the water beyond the cozy moorage and sheltered waters of the Southern Gulf Islands.  Welcome aboard OMOO for a few moments…

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