To Go or Not To Go…. North of Cape Caution.

12074568_10207699889914456_8523157146484121257_nSIDEWAYS IS DREAMIN’ OF SUMMER SAILING

Is there some wandering in store for you??  Whether you’re deciding for the first time to leave the  dock for a weekend, a few weeks, or for the entire summer there is no doubt everyone is preparing and organizing  boats and researching exciting places to explore.

For the women in our midst, perhaps you are contemplating a new adventure with a new boat , new destination, new crew or a new love.  Sideways Sally is busy preparing  some “women only” blogs which share the joys, struggles and not so minor details of crewing/boat slaving.  So I’ll keep you posted on those ramblings soon!!

Maybe you’ve just moved to the NWP and are on a steep learning curve, not sure what’s out there and not even sure you want to find out.  Whether it’s your first time or 10th time, every year is new in the sense that the boat needs prep for the shake down cruise, and we need to shake our booty to get things goin’ after our winter hibernation!!

WE LIVE ON THE HIGHWAY TO THE WORLD.  That’s sounds  exciting, and a bit overwhelming.  When I think of long trips 500 Nautical Miles up the inside passage I quickly remind myself, “it’s really one day trip after the other.”  If your dreamin’  of a journey north of Cape Caution, Sideways Sally sssays “DO IT.”

What a great experience we had on OMOO in 2014 sailing up the inside passage to Prince Rupert and across to Haida Gwaii.  Enjoy our video for an introduction to our favourite section, Grenville Channel.  Dig out a chart or see the link, grab your favourite bevy and enjoy.  Included is a description of the boat and equipment on board that makes it safe and efficient.  I invite your feedback and questions.  If you find our info valuable and interesting please pass our blog on to your friends and contacts.


This link takes you to Google Earth so see Grenville Channel

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