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Sideways Sally says, “Life is grand back in the NWP”.  Not too many people agree with me today since we’re experiencing stormy Christmas  weather…. again.  But it is pretty!!

SS spent two months being warm down under, had a great time with family and racing H-28s at South of Perth Yacht Club, W.A. WHAT A BLAST!!  Please enjoy the links below.!

A guy in the parking lot at Superstore suggested this “F**++**g snow can pack up and leave anytime.  I replied, “Lets just celebrate Christmas again”.    Then when we arrived at Maple Bay Marina the guy standing outside the Shipyard having a cig looked like Santa, all long white beard and belly to match.  Hershey said ” you could be Santa and fit right in with the weather we’re having”.  He got a stone cold look and a “no thanks”.

Sally says, “THEN WE CAN GIVE OURSELVES MORE BOAT PRESENTS.”  Currently looking for a dock box if anyone knows of a slightly good used long rectangular one.  PLEEEZE get back to us at or  Thanx.

Sally is starting to work on the list of boat prep and organizing for the summer trips.  The V-BERTH becomes another winter storage locker and now needs sorting.  The hanging locker has been converted to a storage/organizer locker to keep parts and pieces accessible.  This works well since we’ve reduced the amount of clothing needed on a boat and made space for a plastice organizer with drawers of various sizes.  Labelling each drawer helps with finding items quickly when needed.

More about needing less clothing.  OMOO is a live aboard boat and the Skipper arrived on Vancouver Island with everything he’s ever owned on his trek across Canada from New Brunswick.  Sideways Sally sorted through alot of heavy winter clothing in the hanging locker and downsized to the few things really needed in British Columbia winters.  Overall the amount of clothing needed to live aboard all year around amounts to a few layers of your favourite everyday clothes,  the raingear, a warm winter jacket and all the accessories to make it work.  We found we really only wear the same 3-4 sets of clothing and routinely wash or replace items when needed.  This increased our extra storage and uncluttered the boat.  Sally doesn’t hesitate to throw stuff out or give it away.


So… it’s 5 after 9 and the skipper is right on time.  Getting up that is.  So it’s off to do some boat slaving for Sideways.  Can’t wait to free up the V-Berth for crew!!

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