Not sure….

Sideways has pondered off and on whether to blog about anything other than sailing but today she’s thinking that she’ll have a go….

When land locked there’s alot of shore shit to deal with, not more than the average boat slave but still it’s an adjustment to deal with fuckin fantasy land.  Like today, she’s workin away in the ER and saving people from themselves when it suddenly smacks her up the side of the head, “It Thanksgiving and why are people so insane about it?”

It seems like we would all like to scream and yell at our families at the same time we want to hug and pretend to love eachother.  We all want something that is lost between the turkey and the wine that smells of sweet memories of gramma and smacks of mean insults from drunk uncles or brothers and it’s all so confusing.  YES of course we’re thankful.  We live in the most beautiful, free and affluent country in the world.  But we are suicidal, can’t cope, and unable to function without the smartphone tethered to our earphones 24/7.

“I’m have trouble thinking straight but I’m not sure if it’s the crystal meth I did last night or the way my mother treated me when I was three.”   When Sideways took her nurses training there was no crystal meth, now it’s inhaled as commonly as Quakers Oatmeal for breakfast.   Some people call 911 unsure if their room mate has taken something to make them “weird”  or are not sure if they even have a room mate.   Fast forward to the U.S. Presidential Debate after a 12 hour shift and Sideways is relaxing with a glass of wine while observing the delusional narcissist hair piece on CNN.

The tears do flow, and sadly her heart does break a little, torn between the condescending nature of the uneducated, brainwashed, gun toting assholes who get distracted by the who said what who’s lying when, and the how many are massecred in Aleppo today while debating, debating, debating.  God help us all, or forgive us for not getting down to business and getting off our asses to get the Syrian refugees to safety, and food to the starving masses.

Can’t wait to get back on the water with OMOO and my lovely skipper.  This guy and his rubber chicken are the real deal.DSC04395

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