land locked

So much for summer, the snow’s blowing across the prairies, boats are hunkered down in the first big blow of the season, and Sideways is dreaming of good wine and bad men on a Friday night, or good men and bad wine sometimes….

By bad men I’m thinking of 1. Drumph 2. The two jailbirds in ER. 3. Denzel in “Training Day.”  Soooo bad he’s good.  Of course good man “Hershey” is back in his boat project mode so I can only assume he will hibernate till spring under a pile of tools, dreaming and scheming of how OMOO can be faster, more efficient, and warmer for next summer.

The destination discussion for 2017 so far has been 1. KITIMAT which means back up the inside passage with many many areas we have passed already but not explored fully.  OR 2. Around Vancouver Island again to see the inlets we had to bypass in 2015 due to wind and sea conditions.

Meanwhile we’ll be loading some videos from old trips and reminiscing of good times on the water.  We’s love to hear from you and your boating dreams for 2017!1486754_10152111810855552_613054680_n

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