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Today feels like the end of another great summer sailing season.  It’s rainy, windy and OMOO is at Fisherman’s Wharf in Vancouver so Sideways can go to work.  It was lovely hanging out with the skipper at Granville Island yesterday, enjoying buskers, taco salad, and kids chasing pigeons around.

This is easing me slowly away from G-Dock, which feels like home with all the friends and fun times.  I always feel like a little piece of me is torn away when I leave and always look forward to returning.  Having OMOO and Hershey here in Vancouver is a real treat.


Anchored in False Creek on the highway to the world.

Looking through the past videos I came across a treasure from two summers ago.  ENJOY!!

The lovely SEA SPARROW with our LENDER and 1st Mate Judy.  So fun to see them on and off the dock.

So winter plans and projects commence, but will keep in touch from somewhere!!


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