Pender Bender

Found our second home!!  Got into Pender Harbour and never left!!  Well, for a week anyway.  Bad news is, Sideways got twisted into a pretzel doing some silly stuff and ended up wandering between the chiropractor and massage.  The wandering went well as the locals were happy to give a lift up the hill when needed and the chiro would give a lift back to the boat.  HEY, you only get that kind of service in a small town!!   If you ever need a bone cracker on the Sunshine Coast, Dr. Alderson does a mobile session and he’ll even come to your boat if there’s room for his “ironing board”.  What a great guy and 1/2 the price of anybody in Van or Van Island.  Patti at “Remedy” gives a “LOMI LOMI” Hawian massage with some lovely products to help the healin, got my first cannibis based topical rub and it’s working!!

Lumara from Maple Bay blew in and came knocking on OMOO so we swapped stories over “dins” as Sarah would say, and hung out most days taking walks and exploring the harbor by Mike’s dingy.  Then an American boat blew in with lost engine power and rafted up to a neighboring trawler.  The skippers went to work with the help of the “local yokal”  (there’s one in every harbor)  getting a broke fuel pump replaced and pushing the crippled sailboat over to the gov’t dock.

The last eve was spent on Lumara with Scott and Shelly from Whidby Island, some DELISH grub from the galley and lots of wine, good conversation and plenty of laughs.  What a treat this lifestyle is and every day brings it’s gifts of people, beautiful scenery, sunshine and sweet memories.  LIFE IS GOOD…

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