August is breaking my heart…

Circumstances, like shitty weather, are just out of one’s control.  The BEST SUMMER WEATHER is happening right now and we’re not out there.  Sideways is stuck in the big stink for one more weekend, all be it under the full moon so it’s bound to be entertaining, and the skipper is getting an overhaul from the Doc’s AGAIN!!  This news is getting old quick folks.  The thing we did find out last week during GOUT DOCK DAYS, is that our medical system will NOT provide homecare to anyone living on a boat.  WUSSIES!!

However, things appear to be on the mend, and Sideways just cancelled another set of shifts so Vancouver will have to save itself without her help.  Hello G-DOCK, we’ll say hello and good-bye cause the wind’s gonna take us for a ride.


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