Port McNeill is becoming like a second home, and we had the good fortune of meeting up with CD, the no-name boat from Maple Bay and had a great evening with the lovely crew Chris and Dave.  Sideways had to make the departure via airplane from Port Hardy for Vancouver so OMOO and Hershey decided to make their way south on a solo journey.

Unfortunately a close encounter with a crap trap in Port Harvey slowed the progress somewhat until Comox where a diver was hired to free the prop and inspect Omoo’s underbelly.  Once again all is well and Hershey made his way to Fanny Bay for a rest day.

Sideways is back in Vancouver saving lives and planning the next adventures.


Omoo in Ocean Falls,  where 2′ of rainfall is predicted each year.  Hershey’s thinking of the big water bladders needed to haul water south for the drought stricken areas of the southern states….

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