HAPPY CANADA DAY!!  We were on confused seas heading south again, making our way to Rivers Inlet from Fougner Bay.  With 2-3 meters SW swells meeting the currents coming out of the Inlets it was ROCK AND ROLL!!  It was a bit of a long day so we tucked into Green Islet Anchorage in Fish Egg Inlet for a break.  By noon the Addenbroke Lighthouse weather update was reporting a 2′ chop with a low SW swell.  IT LIED!!  We know the boat can handle it, and the skipper is good as long as he takes his 1/4 gravol every hour or so, and Sideways stays topsides with eagle eyes watching for logs, whales and sunshine.

Getting to our destination which was Duncanby Landing for fuel by  early evening and setting anchor in Goose Bay led to more information about the area.  Turns out two old canneries in the area are being preserved and utilized for fishing lodges and camps.  We learned that the Goose Bay Cannery had been purchased by a group of firefighters out of Burnaby (Vancouver) and is being developed to host camps for the disabled.  Interesting!!  We’ll be back to check that out for sure.

We anchored behind two loons that called to us and spent a restful and quiet night in the protected bay.  Next day the weather was forecast to blow up to gale force so we opted to head over to Dawson’s Landing for internet, showers, laundry and supplies.  It was a good day to be a seal, or if you’re on the prairies, a duck…



Next day the sun threatened to break through and the sea started to calm itself so we made the run to Millbrook Cove in Smith Sound.  Lumpy turned into Bumby, so we made a brunch stop back in Duncanby and waited it out.  As you can see by the website Duncanby is a high-end fishing lodge, a bit of a mismatch for OMOO but they serve a great breaky.

Things improved after that so we headed to the next anchorage with some blue sky, sparkles on the water, and the rainbow off the stern.  Next day, MOTOR SAILING around CAPE CAUTION!!

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