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The famous “Bella Coola Hill”  gave us reason to rent a Dodge Ram and take a drive!!  Clay and Kim from “Sundown” joined on a tour of the local sights and some necessary stops at the grocery and liquor stores.

Bella Coola is well into the mainland and temps hit a sunny 30 C with inlet up-flow winds reaching 25 knots.  We were pleasantly surprised to get blown into South Bentick Arm and view the (count them) some 12 glaciers.


Leaving South Bentick Arm and getting into Burke Channel led us to the dolphins.  A pod of white-sided Pacific Dolphins played in the bow-wave and slapped their tails  enthusiastically at the skipper.  It is such a thrill to have these encounters, they love to make eye contact.  Can’t upload the videos today as we are at Dawson’s Landing with limited Wifi but WAIT till you see these vid’s later!!  Then after a beautiful anchorage in Kwantna Inlet we woke up to a Mama Humpback “Ethel” and her baby “Hughie”  breaching just  port side of OMOO. They are of offspring of “Herbert” who we met in Mathieson Channel  (if you want to be delusional with us then play along).  How amazing and lucky are we to meet Mother Nature so close up and meet her lovely offspring!!



We are now waiting for a weather window in River’s Inlet, heading back south around Cape Caution.  It’s laundry day on OMOO, in Dawson’s Landing, happy, cozy and a wee bit crazy…

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