Grizzlies, Hotsprings, Whales, Puppies – Week 6


Ocean Falls is a party animal.  After discovering the saloon things got completely out of control.  Everyone on the dock was sharing crab, snapper and beer.  We stayed for 3 days and loved it!!  We met great new friends and have now been enjoying the company of Sundown and crew for the last few days in Eucott Inlet and Bella Coola.

Leaving Ocean Falls in a constant drizzle we were so happy to get a soak in the HOT hotsprings in Eucott Inlet.  EASY PEASY to find them as they are right on the shore in line with some old pilings.  The spring fills a rock and cement basin deep enough to stand in and big enough for a small crowd.  IT FELT HEAVENLY!!  The view was amazing and unbeknownst to us (friends from Sundown and I) we were being surrounded by the local 4 legged creatures munching on grass.

The sunny day brought everybody out and we could hear the bears saying, “Hey buddy, finally some sunshine, TIME FOR A WALK ON THE BEACH!!”  Two back bears joined the grizz but by this time we were happily back on OMOO and SUNDOWN sipping martinis and watching THEM!!    What a wonderful day.

We are off to explore Bella Coola,  so coola!!

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