The  Queen Charlotte Strait was so good to us!! Mother Ocean gave us a smooth day on the water and a quiet night in Blunden Harbor before an early start to round Cape Caution. There’s nothing to tell about that either (which is what we like).  Other than some chatting with the Captian on TITON, a big big tug pulling it’s barge from Seattle to Ketchikan things were uneventful.DSC_6122

This year OMOO is getting off the beaten trail and exploring some more of the out of the way anchorages.  Why not??  We have the time and the results so far have been 5 Star!!  The skipper is full of energy since Dr. Stern, our new hero, set Hershey’s pacemaker so it’s working with his heart instead of against it.  This has been a MAJOR improvement and we don’t even want to talk about why it took two years to figure that out…

Sideways Sally reappeared after a stop in her home of Sointula and is up to her usual shenanigans, like cooking up 5Star meals of chicken dogs and peanut butter sandwiches with wine and a new favourite, poor martinis.    So here we go…

Fly Basin in Takush Harbor, Smith Sound was the first stop North of Cape Caution.  We checked into completely sheltered serenity.  One other pleasure craft joined us late in the day.  We were tucked in so sweetly we had no idea what the weather was doing out in Queen Charlotte Sound but we made a good passage the next day in the SW wind that filled the jib sail for a 6 knot ride into Fish Egg Inlet.  Following the directions from our Douglas guidebook we wandered through the surprisingly large inlet through a narrow opening into “Remotesville”.  Again tucked into a lovely sheltered nook we spent a delightful evening communing with the tides.

Back out in the morning  to find our luck again with a SW 15 Kt wind  and an ebb tide giving us a push to Namu Harbour in Fitz Hugh Sound.  We sailed into the opening and motored past the sad ruins of this once busy and productive harbour and cannery.   Past that mess and we were into Rock Inlet with one other sailboat.  AGAIN totally sheltered we anchored for a peaceful night.  Although not far to Bella Bella from there we decided to check out Codville Lagoon, a Marine Park  before turning up Lama Passage to Denny Island and the start of our week in the Fiordlands.  We shared the east bay with “Latitudes”, a sailboat we’ve seen before in Lund.  It possibly has enough solar power on it to run a small town and in the morning started it’s generator??  It didn’t disturb the seal colony that was busy catching breakfast and splashing up a storm.

Later the next morning we motored over to Shearwater Marina, fuelled up and sat out torrential rainstorm while tied up to the breakwater.  Boat after boat, or I should say, Yacht after Yacht pulled in out of the storm, including Higgitt, the local RCMP boat, and a huge U.S. Coast Guard Boat, likely on it’s way to Alaska.  Three helicopters came and went regularly from the pad above the marina.  We had a few extra glasses of wine and watched the traffic.

Next we’ll head up Mathieson Channell to Kynoch and Mussell Inlets. Or maybe we’ll stay for Karaokee night at the Fishermen’s Bar and Grill, could be a real cultural experience!!

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So good to hear that Harold is feeling better….love ready about your adventures…Happy Sailing!

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