The Broughtons – WEEK 3


In the Broughtons there are winding narrow channels filled with back eddies, whirlpools and adventures!!  We line up OMOO with the range markers in Chatham Channel and enjoy the view at slack tide.  It’s all like a big video game between the chart plotter and what actually lies in front of us.

An early morning fog in Echo Bay but brilliant sunshine on the dock for a breakfast picnic and then we’re off again.  We sailed back to Port McNeil to pick up Tanis and sailed over to Hanson Island to visit the ORCA LAB to learn more about the  research work done there to encourage preservation of this amazing species.  THANKS Judy Durnford for the local knowledge on getting there!!    While Ken, Tanis and I went ashore in the dingy the skipper toodled around in  Blackfish Sound as there isn’t anywhere to anchor.  While we got to talking about whales to Helena at the lab, Harold spotted a humpback feeding and had a white sided dolphin poke his bottle neck nose out of the water a couple of times to inspect him.

We anchored in a rather open bay behind Spout Islet for night and the passing ships’ wake rocked us to sleep.  LOW TIDES THIS WEEK gave us a bit of unrest as we tucked in close to the island for shelter from the NW winds estimated to blow up to 30-40 knots overnight.  The spring tide was 17 feet at Port McNeill so we headed out in the morning flood, riding the current back to town for provisions and a rest day.  We said good bye to our great crew Ken and Tanis Wilson and say hello to CAPE CAUTION to kick off Week 4.

The creatures of the ocean camouflage themselves at low tide while the majestic mountains hang out with the clouds.  Sea Lion high above the tide mark, and the seals nestled right in the kelp.




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