Maple Bay to Lund

Out for the summer, YEAH!!  What a ride we had across the Strait of the Salish Sea.  The NW wind at 25 knots got us going in a hurry, scooting across Wiskey Gulf before the Navy woke up!!  We blew into Secret Cove on the mainland in a record 4 hours, (not really cause we’ve never been in Secret Cove before).   It’s a sweet spot with ALOT of boats tucked into it’s various coves.

Not too much wind the next day so we ended up motoring north to NANCY’S BAKERY,  that’s in LUND by the way.  But really the sourdough bread at Nancy’s is like a drug and we got our fix.  The marina was chaulker block full so we rafted to a 67 foot long sailing vessel which felt like the land!!  She was uninhabitated (is that a word before coffee??)   There wasn’t anybody on board so we didn’t disturb anyone racing to Nancy’s at 5 minutes to closing time.

Evening pipes played over the bay in the setting sun and OMOO and her crew is feeling like the beginning of the journey is official!!


Lund to Octopus Islands the next day and sat out a big rain which keeps the forest fires at bay so we’re ok with that!!

Help was on the way in Heriot Bay for week 2!!

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