Sideways Sally (aka the first mate) is back from the Big Stink and onboard for the summer.  1st order of business is getting the scuzzy scuz from the winter back in the ocean.

2nd order of business is purging OMOO of tools, books, dusting off the skipper and getting rid of anything that will slow her down

3nd order of business is catching up with G-Dockers and opening the patio.

None of the above is necessarily done in that order.

The day I was cleaning the dingy I got a welcome hand from our neighbor’s kids and their cousins.  What a treat!  Of course, the patio was open later on and the dock rats gather like the vermin they are.  Lots of stories and laughs to go around!!

Angus and Hazel are always curious about all things above and below G-Dock so one day we hauled up an old line dangling in the water and found all sorts of teasures.  These kids are so much fun to hang out with!


3 replies on “APRIL ON G-DOCK”

Ruth and Harold!!
We are missing you guys lots and love the videos.
We’re in Burgoyne Bay now and love it here.
It will be great to visit when you come back, lots of love from us Saunders’

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