So much fun!!  We know it’s ALOT of work but we can’t wait for a haul-out.  This year we had an survey booked for insurance purposes so we did all the maintenance required while on the hard.

The skipper had been preparing for months, especially trying to figure out how to adjust the feathering prop.  The morning of the haul-out found him multi-tasking during the last few minutes in the water.  Breakfast, researching and printing info on Max Prop adjustments.  See what I mean by how much fun we have!!DSC04340

0730 Hours – OMOO is out of her slip and we take a run around the bay to warm up the engine before getting in position for the haulout.  It’s promising to be a sunny weekend so we’re feeling hopeful we’ll be able to get the prep and painting work done without dealing with rain.

AHHHH…. Cup of coffee in hand and back on the water makes for a lovely morning.


Mount Maxwell on Saltspring Island greets us like an old friend as we take a tour to warm up the engine.  Back to the dock for the scheduled 8AM appointment with the dock guys.

Next month, out for adventures!!


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