Taking a look at the last few years and the journeys we’ve had the priviledge of making to B.C.s northern communities.  2014 took us to Haida Gwaii – Land of the People, formally the Queen Charlotte Islands.

IT WAS A TRIP OF A LIFE TIME!!  Rugged, isolated, with an abundance of wildlife and weather.  From Gale Force Nor’Westers, to 3-4 Meter seas in the shallows of Hecate Straight to the cozy welcoming bays of the Haida Villages and tea in the Watchmen’s Cabins, we treasure it all.

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and a friend to enjoy this encounter with these playful dolphins in the Johnstone Strait.  It’s seems like a dream come true for this prairie girl, and a thrill for the Skipper.

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