Every day out here just seems to get better!  Broken Islands are very different, with hundreds of tiny islet it is ideal for kayakers, fishing and lazy days at anchor.  Hershey says they remind him of Kouchibouguac (say that 5 time) in New Brunswick at the north end of Northumberland Strait.  It reminds me of the Lake of the Woods at the Manitoba/Ontario border.

The first night at Joe’s Bay we endured a hummingbird attack.  They just wanted some company, or some food.  We could hear them dive bombing the boat and then finding their way in.  We made a make-shift feeder of an orange dangling on a string but they weren’t interested.  Put that hummingbird feeder on the list to buy!!

Next day we hung out around Turret Island and Sideways Sally foraged for food.  What a morning putsing about in the dingy, out to Swale Rock with all the serious sports fishing boats, about 12 trolling up and down the channel.  Four hours later and 5 rockfish I returned to Omoo and we sailed all afternoon to Vernon Bay and entered Eagle Nook Cove.  POSH!! This luxurious fishing resort was for the rich and famous, at $3/ft for moorage we said we’d push off and anchor out.  The friendly folks there offered us their mooring buoy in the bay and we spent another lovely night floating in paradise.


Heading back out of Barkley Sound we motored into Port Alberni Yacht Club, which welcomed transient boaters.  It was a delightful place and we had it all to ourselves.  SS’s gone fishing again and caught a very tasty rock cod.


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