Good friends + good times = HAPPINESS

Meet our sailing buddies, Judy and Len Pringle on Sea Sparrow.  They sailed with us from Clam Bay to Lund, what a fun time!!  They’ve been so awesome to get to know on the dock at Maple Bay.  Hershey first met them when they were aboard their 27 foot Tanzer, which is the same type of boat as Hershey had in New Brunswick.

Lender (Len Pringle) is the most resourceful person for boat shopping knowledge and gets us the most information on the best deals ever!!  He’s always willing to give us a helping hand with projects and kind of fun to tease.  Judy is one sweet lady and makes extra yummy sweet treats!!

It was an honor and a priviledge to have them come north with us this year.

Featured image is from an article in Pacific Yachting when they bought Sea Sparrow, a 33 foot Hunter 3 years ago.

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