The Skipper, SV Omoo, and Sideways Sally

Suddenly Sailing is a  story of two gypsy souls who have found their way to the West Coast of Canada and are experiencing the shared dream of living on the ocean and exploring the bountiful beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Come sail with us through our stories, videos, poems and dreams.

Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Hi Harold. Greetings from Sharon MacFarlane, a long ago colleague from Outdoor Enthusiasts In Moncton, NB. My current husband Doug Milton (who you helped with windows when we built our Hillsborough house in ‘91) – well, he and I are great CBC listeners and often hear this incredible Upham fellow on the morning show – we have wondered if he is related. I recently contacted him to do a local presentation and was delighted to find he has a your son. Easy to see your influence on him. It was so nice to hear you are loving the dream!

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