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  • SAFETY FIRST with Fire Boy by Xintex

    Hershey is working on his current project which is installing a propane sensor which turns the flow off in case of a leak. The way this works is the sensor is attached to the electrical panel which will turn the power off to the solenoid – a coiled wire that creates a magnetic field that […]

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  • Stirring up some shit

    This a perfectly shitty timing… Guest blog from Mexico is making me very jealous. You know that tank is gonna have some extra kick! Please enjoy Sue Peck on S/V Cariba in Canada or S/V Calidras in Mexico. The adventures never end! https://svcariba.home.blog/2021/11/22/kindred-spirits-in-st OMOO real talk… Sideways Sally returned to OMOO on a stormy weekend […]

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  • 3 THINGS

    3 THINGS… my life on OMOO with an amazing skipper, my beautiful family, and my career full of twists and turns. I keep learning from all aspects of my life. One thing I’ve learned for sure is to be happy with where I am, whom I meet and all the experiences that come my way. […]

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  • This is my sky.

    The Museum of Human Rights and Esplanade Riel. From the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba I’m back on the prairies and in my favorite color, blue blue blue. I’m in the blue rehab house with family who are spoiling me rotten. There is a bountiful supply of fresh tomatoes for toasted tomato sandwiches with my morning […]

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