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  • Wild Side – Jump back to a June Storm in Howe Sound

    Wild Side – Jump back to a June Storm in Howe Sound

    Summer is showing us her wild side this year with a June storm that felt like January!! The barometer took a dive and OMOO took off, rounding up under reefed sails in 30KNOT GUSTS!!  What a ride!! We left False Creek Fisherman’s Wharf around noon in drizzle and light wind, but by the time we […]

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  • Funniest Things Sailors Say

    Meeting up with boats, and getting to know the crew makes for interesting times in the cockpit. One sunny afternoon we meet boat #1, an American sailboat setting out on an adventure to Alaska. We’re anchored in a beautiful harbor inside the Canadian border, all enjoying getting to know each other, as boaters do. An […]

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  • Red Sky Tonite Sailors Delight

    Red Sky Tonite Sailors Delight

    “The clouds are like headlines, on a new front page sky. Many before me have been called to the sea, up in the crows nest, shiver me timbers, I’m sailing away…” Song is by Tom Waite. (link below) Crimson clouds in the evening sky give me a happy sigh The Ocean is my anchor cat […]

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  • Sitting in the Cockpit

    Sitting in the Cockpit

    There’s nothing like sitting in the cockpit watching the world go by. Mother Nature provides the backdrop for the marina as it plays an orchestra of sounds. Halyards tinkling in the breeze, docks creaking as they ride the tide. The shrill of the kingfisher diving for breakfast in a flash of feathers. A raucous screech […]

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  • Saturday morning coffee.

    Saturday morning coffee.

    Finally… back to a lazy Saturday morning, coffee is on. It’s been a slog, Sideways Sally is no longer friends with March. She’s been sliding into depression from too much bad stuff going on in the world. Trying to write, over and over, but negativity translates poorly. She needed a stern talking to herself. She’s […]

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