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  • Wild Side – Jump back to a June Storm in Howe Sound

    Wild Side – Jump back to a June Storm in Howe Sound

    Summer is showing us her wild side this year with a June storm that felt like January!! The barometer took a dive and OMOO took off, rounding up under reefed sails in 30KNOT GUSTS!!  What a ride!! We left False Creek Fisherman’s Wharf around noon in drizzle and light wind, but by the time we […]

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  • Heaven on Earth

    Heaven on Earth

    Getting out of the harbor in Ketchikan went much smoother than getting in. With the tide at slack the current was not creating havoc and the wind was a no show. Of course leaving early to avoid these factors is crucial. We set the course for Ketchikan-Rivallagigedo Channel-Behm Channel-Rudyerd Inlet. The day was sunny and […]

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  • Yes You Can in Ketchikan

    Yes You Can in Ketchikan

    S/V Hermitage sails from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan, come along for the journey, the scenery and the fun.

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  • Skipper’s Ticker and Clean Bottom

    Skipper’s Ticker and Clean Bottom

    There’s more than a little maintenance going on with OMOO. The inspection on both top and bottom resulted in some required intervention. The bottom came first, with some professional equipment and skilled labor making a dirty job a quick and easy fix. The Skipper was super pleased with the ease of getting up and in […]

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  • Between Boats

    Between Boats

    2022 May, YEAH!! Spring has sprung and Sideways Sally is jumping between boats, So many boats!! Plans change like the weather, so it is with sailors, we adjust, and adjust, and adjust we must!! It’s been a long slog getting through to spring, winter did not want to let go. AND the world is a […]

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